You Gotta See This!

Rev. Aaron J. White
Sunday, February 23, 2020 - 10:30am

     While Lent won’t begin until Wednesday, when we demonstrate our penitence with the sign of ashes, this Sunday’s message is crucial to rightly understanding who it is that goes to the cross for the salvation of the world. Jesus clearly knows this, because when he goes up on the mountain where he would be Transfigured, he doesn’t go alone. He takes three witnesses. Peter, James, and John—though they are commanded to keep quiet—will later reveal that God does not reward Jesus with resurrection or divinity as a result of his faith. Instead, Jesus takes on our death, with the certain truth that he is both our Messiah and God’s beloved Son.

     In these days ahead of Lent, we too are made witnesses to the greatness of God’s love, which is revealed in the shining radiance of our Savior who bears the pain of our sin. And unlike those chosen three, we need not wait for a future time to share what we have heard and seen. Below that mountain is a world filled with suffering. It is to those people that we are to go and witness to the glory of God’s kingdom, over which Jesus reigns!

     Matthew 17:1-9
     2 Peter 1:16-21