Seen in a New Light

Aaron J. White
Sunday, December 1, 2019 - 10:30am

     “Let every heart prepare him room!” In these weeks ahead of Christmas Day, we have the opportunity to prepare for the arrival of our Messiah. But for the faithful, these preparations go far beyond decorating our homes or purchasing gifts for loved ones. The season of Advent is an occasion for pensive reflection.

     While we ready ourselves to celebrate the birth of Emmanuel (“God with us”) in the person of Jesus Christ, we also hope for the day of his return. But what are we to do in the “time between?” As we anticipate his coming, we welcome God to send the Holy Spirit, who teaches us to follow in Christ’s ways and to “walk in his paths.” In this knowledge, we see that with rise of his star, a new vision for the world and for our lives is revealed for all to see!
     Isaiah 2:1-5
     Matthew 24:36-44