Passing the Shepherd's Staff

Aaron J. White
Sunday, May 5, 2019 - 10:30am

     What better way to communicate your message to a bunch of fishermen than with a metaphor about shepherding! At first, we may look at the Gospel story this Sunday and wonder why Jesus is using the image of feeding sheep to describe the work of the Apostles. But our Lord has a method to this teaching!

     Jesus meets us where we are and feeds us there. For the seven fishing disciples, he meets them alongside the sea and guides them to an elusive yet abundant catch. But if they are going to live out their love for Jesus and nourish his people, it will mean dropping their nets and taking up the shepherd’s staff. And if we’re going to love Jesus, we also have to learn to assume new and unexpected roles, in order to feed and tend to Christ’s flock!

Scripture Readings: