The Courage to Love

Rev. Aaron J. White
Sunday, December 22, 2019 - 10:30am
     While many of us have been busy for the past month preparing to celebrate the coming of our Messiah, our Gospel Lesson on Sunday reminds us that the birth of Jesus came as unexpected news to Mary and Joseph. In fact, the announcement that Mary was going to give birth to a son wasn’t just a surprise, it was a disruption to all of the plans that the couple had for their lives.
     Jesus’ arrival can also disrupt our lives in unexpected ways. In entering into the world, he truly becomes Emmanuel—“God is with us.” From that moment on, we cannot simply live for ourselves. Now, we have to live for Christ. When the news of this coming child caused Joseph concern, God’s angel came to him, saying, “do not be afraid.” Like Joseph, we are being confronted with the news that Emmanuel is coming. As we prepare for his arrival, will we fear the disruption that he might cause? Or instead, will we have the courage to welcome him with love?