Accepting the Invitation

Rev. Aaron J. White
Sunday, January 19, 2020 - 10:30am

     Jesus is known by many different titles. Just looking at the reading from this Sunday's Gospel passage, we can see that he's called "Lamb of God," "Son of God," and "Messiah." But just as important as all of these is the title that John's two disciples call Jesus: "Rabbi." Because they have called upon him in this way, as a respected teacher of Jewish law, Jesus recognizes their desire to learn. And so, he invites Andrew and the other disciple to "Come and see."

     The invitation Jesus offers isn't just for them, or for us, to dwell with him for a moment. It is a welcome for us to share in his life. At the outset of the Gospel, we see that Jesus' ministry begins by building connections with those who see him and desire to follow him along his way. Today, we are modern-day disciples, who are offered that same invitation to journey with Jesus today! Are we ready to learn from our Teacher and to follow the Lamb?


     Isaiah 49:1-7
     John 1:29-42