What is Session?

Session are the Decision-makers within the Fulton, Missouri First Presbyterian Church that include the Pastor, as head of staff, the church staff, the Session, the Clerk and the Treasurer. The Session includes our pastor, clerk, and the 9 elders currently in active service. Our treasurer is not an active Session member, but does report monthly to the Session. Elders are selected by the Church Nominating Committee and elected by the congregation. Elders serve as the representatives for all the people of the church and meet monthly. Elders serve as the moderators of our church committees and oversee all aspects of the life of the church-from its fInances and its facilities to its mission outreach and worship. All members of the Session are entitled to vote on issues presented to them. Our Clerk is selected by the Pastor and elected by the Session. At our Treasurer's request, our Treasurer does not currently serve on Session, but is selected by the Administration Committee and elected by the Session.

Responsibilities of Session
Session is charged with maintaining the mission and government of our church. In keeping with this purpose, it has the power to: provide that the Word of God maybe truly preached and heard; provide that the Sacraments maybe rightly administered and received; nurture the covenant community of disciples of Christ, and participate in the life of the whole church through participation in other councils (Book of Order, G-3.02)

The Session is also responsible for:

  • Providing for the worship of the people of God, including the preaching of the Word and sharing of the Sacraments of baptism and Communion, as well as overseeing the music program, in keeping with the principles in the Directory for Worship in the Book of Order.
  • Receiving members into the communion of the church and to grant letters of transfer when a member moves and joins a new church. As well as maintaining membership rolls.
  • Instructing, examining, ordaining, and installing incoming Elders who have been elected by the congregation.
  • Promoting a program of education designed to increase personal and spiritual growth of its members.
  • Promoting members preparation for ministry though personal and pastoral care, and sharing in fellowship and mutual support.
  • Promoting an understanding of the need for members' fmancial support, and the importance of giving to support God's work in discharging our responsibility as worthy stewards.
  • Approving the church budget which reflects the various causes and functions of the church supported by offerings of the congregation and to see that offerings are distributed for the causes and functions for which they were contributed.
  • Providing for the administration of the church.
  • To actively participate in Session meetings by attending regularly.
  • To moderate one of the committees of the church.
  • Providing for the management of all the property of the church.
  • The members of our Session also serve as Trustees of this church.
  • Other specific responsibilities are listed in the Book of Order.

The various responsibilities of our Session are carried out through its structure of committees: Administration, Christian Education, Fellowship, Mission, Outreach, Pastoral Care, Property, Stewardship, and Worship. Members of the congregation are vital partners in our church's committees. The committees demonstrate unity and interdependence of the church, in that committees share with one another responsibilities, rights, and powers Book of Order, G-3.0109

Session Committees:
Aaron White, Pastor and Moderator
Ramona Dobson, Clerk of Session

  • Administration Committee
  • Christian Education Committee
  • Fellowship Committee
  • Mission Committee
  • Property Committee
  • Pastoral Care Committee
  • Worship Committee