Nursery Care

Who Serves in this Ministry?

We have a paid nursery staff member on hand.
At least one adult member of the congregation plus one youth member, if needed, will ordinarily help 
staff the Nursery and Preschool rooms. If you are interested in serving as part of this ministry, please
contact any current Session member or a member of the Worship Committee.
All of our volunteers who work with youth or children complete an annual training ,in accordance with
our” Safe Church Guidelines” adopted by the Session. Background checks are completed for all of our
youth leaders. A complete list of the Safe Church Guidelines is available in the Church office.

We are excited to have your child join us in the nursery / preschool room on Sunday mornings. These
guidelines were developed in conjunction with our Safe Church Guidelines to insure the safety and
well-being of the children being served.

The Nursery at FPC Fulton is staffed on Sunday mornings from 8:15 a.m.– 12:15 p.m. for both services and
Sunday School. The nursery is for infants through age three. During the 10:45 service children ages
four and five may want to attend the first part of the worship service with their family and then go to the
upstairs preschool room after the Children’s Moment. Once a child is in 1st grade they should
participate in worship with their family. Books and coloring materials are available on the book cart in
the lobby.

Before you come to the Nursery:
Please provide extra disposable diapers and a change of clothes. Label your child’s diaper bag, bottle
and/or Sippy cup with first and last name. Formula that needs to be heated may be brought in a thermos. Bottles should be plastic and they should be labeled with child’s name. Simple snacks, such as goldfish, animal crackers, and apple juice, are provided for children who are old enough. If your child has special dietary needs, please bring snacks from home. With the exception of a security blanket or stuffed toy, please do not bring any toy from home. There
are plenty of age-appropriate toys for the children to play with in the nursery and preschool rooms.

Please do not bring your child if he/she has had a fever within the past 24 hours, of if he/she has
diarrhea, a rash, eye infection, or sore throat. (Exception: fever due to teething.)

When You Arrive:

  • Your child should be brought to the nursery by an adult who knows the child well. 
  • Sign in your child on the sign-in/out sheet by filling in the requested information. Make note of any instructions regarding the care of your child and indicate if your child has any special needs, such as allergies, teething, colic, nursing, toilet training, etc.
  • There will be a three-part colored/numbered sticker for your child, the diaper bag and you. Your part needs to be returned in order to pick up your child. 

Having older siblings leave the nursery along with the parent/grandparent can contribute to increased anxiety for younger babies and toddlers. If at all possible, let older children pick out reading or coloring materials from the book cart in the lobby while your younger child gets settled in. Be sure the nursery workers know your child’s name before you leave.

When YourChild is in the Nursery:

If you wish to check on your child, please do so discreetly so as not to disturb his/her contentment. Be assured that if your child is having problems that the staff cannot handle, someone will come get you or
notify you by text if a number is given on the sign in/out sheet.If a child physically hurts another child, the child who caused the pain will sit in a time-out chair. As a
general rule, the child should stay in time out for one minute for each year of life. For example, if the child is three years old, then the child should stay in time out for three minutes. If this happens, you will be informed when you pick up your child.
On some occasions one of the adults working in the Nursery may “walk” one of the babies in the hallway outside of the nursery/preschool rooms.

When You Pick Up Your Child:

  • Sign the sign in/out form to indicate who has picked up your child. 
  • Present the colored or numbered sticker for your child. 
  • Gather diaper bag and other personal items. 

Click Here for our printable version of our Nursery Care Policy